Shawn's Bio

Shawn Munir

Investor & entrepreneur

Everything starts with figuring out the rules.

Shawn’s conventional academic background in corporate law is essential on the entrepreneurial trajectory. Completing his law degree and working for Tier 1 law firms like Wiersholm, Simonsen Vogt Wiig and BAHR, in Norway has given him discipline. A greater understanding of systems and rules. Professional and academic weight.

His passion for blockchain and start-ups culminated with his involvement with Sahara, a privacy protocol based in Dubai. Shawn contributed to a $2 million dollar raise, with a very simple project mission in mind: To bring users’ right to privacy back to blockchain finance.

By investing in several web 3.0 projects, it led to the co-founding of Presail - a management platform for companies and investors to manage investments in web 3.0. In the first 3 months of operations, the system processed $68 million dollars and has made a footprint in the venture capital blockchain space.

Then he focused on Agera Ventures, a partnership that invests in Web3 projects that enables the decentralised web. This gave him the edge to be on the forefront of innovation and being updated on where the markets were moving.

Travelling the world as an ardent spokesperson of the many character-building effects of the digital economy, Shawn advices the the United Nations on Counter Terrorism and Financing.